Learn PHP in one week

Lets learn PHP and create own dynamic web application

PHP is easy to learn open-source, server-side scripting language. you can Learn PHP within a week and create own dynamic website and web portal.

What is PHP

  • PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
  • It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf.
  • The first version of PHP came in 1994.
  • PHP is an easy to learn server-side, open-source, scripting language.
  • It is used for making a dynamic website & Web portal.
  • PHP files have the extension “.php”

Along with PHP, We will learn:

  • Mysql database
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • And Bootstrap

And we will create a mini-project.

Because PHP is a server-side scripting language so it needs an environment to execute its code. Hence we have to install its setup for learning to code.

Software requirement for learning PHP:

Please install any one setup from the below list.

  • XAMPP: x-os(cross-operating system) Apache Mysql PHP Perl.
  • WAMP: Microsoft window o/s, Apache Mysql PHP. This is only for windows operating system.
  • LAMP: Linux Operating System Apache Mysql PHP. This is only for the Linux operating system.
  • MAMP: Mac os Apache Mysql PHP. This is for Mac operating system.

Links to download the above setup.

To download and install LAMP Server

To download and install MAMP Server

To download and install XAMPP Server

Free PHP Code Editors

Dear Friends, Code editors help us to write code easily & fast. Code editors provide shortcuts & auto-complete features to complete our code which helps us to complete our code quickly. So please install any one software setup in your laptop/desktop to start coding.





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